Private offices by the hour

Occasional office use

Given that not all business activities have the same requirements and our objective is to offer all that is within our means, we offer three options for using our facilities from time to time, in any of the three centres: Azca, Gran Vía and Velázquez.

There is also the possibility to rent for at least 2 hours, or for half-day or full-day periods, with the following rates

Private office of up to 17m2

Azca, Gran Vía, Velázquez

Half day:€50 + VAT
Full day:€90 + VAT
Per hour:€15 + VAT (Minimum period of 2 hours).

Private office of over 17m2

Azca, Gran Vía, Velázquez

Half day€90 + VAT
Full day:€150 + VAT
Per hour:€21 + VAT (Minimum period of 2 hours).
These prices include the use of a furnished and decorated office together with the rest of the communal facilities (office, reception, bathroom), high-speed internet connection and visitor reception.

You can supplement this services with the rest of our auxiliary services, which will be charged accordingly depending on usage.

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