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Your virtual office in Madrid from €1 a day. An excellent solution from SMEs, freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-ups that want to locate their company in the centre of Madrid for a very competitive price. You can choose from any of our Business Centres: Azca, Gran Vía and Velázquez. From €30 a month.

Virtual offices are also a great option for frequent travellers, freelancers or small companies who wish to convey excellence to clients but do not need the physical space yet.

Our virtual office plans

We have three virtual office plans for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Nevertheless, all of our plans include the reception and storage of mail, as well as discounts on rooms and private offices.

Our virtual office rental includes:

Positive corporate image

Locating your business in the high-end areas of Madrid will project an impressive corporate image to clients and providers.

Focus on your business, we’ll take care of the rest

Mail, courier and call reception Book rooms and other spaces when you need them, consider us part of your team.



What is the difference between tax, company and commercial domiciling?
  • A company domicile is the place where the company carries out its main economic activity, such as its direction, administration or management.
  • A tax domicile is the place where the individual or legal entity receives its tax obligations and notifications, as well as where the company is registered in its relations with the tax authorities. The company domicile and the tax domicile are usually the same place, but not always.
  • The commercial domicile is, rather than a place, an address where you can receive visits from your clients and where business-related correspondence is sent.
Can I change my virtual office?
Of course. You can locate your business in any of our three centres: Gran Vía, Velázquez and Azca.
Can I book rooms or other spaces?
By renting a virtual office, you can enjoy discounts on the hourly rates of private offices and rooms. Contact us without obligation.

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