Why us?

Why a business centre?

At Ibercenter we work so that you only have to worry about growing your business. That is why our spaces are fully flexible in terms of rent, in other words, you can rent them for the time you want or need: from one hour to 365 days a year. The private spaces are also customisable: if your company grows, it can do so within Ibercenter.

Save time and money

We will look after everything: furniture, supplies, communications, cleaning, air-conditioning, property management… as well as looking after and receiving your calls and visits. All included in the rental price.

Bespoke office

We will assist in all your furniture and layout needs, both when moving in and throughout your stay: number of workstations, cupboards, drawers, director’s chairs and visitor chairs, among others. Make your office an ideal place to work and receive clients.

Privacy and networking

Enjoy the advantages of a private office in the centre of Madrid and make the most of establishing synergies with other companies at our networking events.

Difference between a conventional rental and Ibercenter

Rentable offices of 100m2 (8-10 persons)
Conventional rental Ibercenter
Rentable space of 100m2
Useful (reduction of 20%) 20m2
Bathroom facilities 10m2
Reception, transit areas and office 20m2
Space for actual activity 50m2
Useful space 50m2 arranged into 2/3 private offices
Conventional rental Ibercenter
Implementation works: screens, wiring, etc.
Furniture: 8-10 workstations
Projector, screen, videoconference equipment
Call handling, ADSL contracts, telephones
Multi-functional equipment: photocopier, fax, scanner

Alquiler Convencional
Conventional rental Ibercenter Cost 100 m2 x €15/m2/month
Property management expenses 100m2 x €4.5/m2/month: Property ownership tax (IBI), waste collection, caretaking and surveillance, maintenance of communal facilities, communal supplies, etc.
Office cleaning (2 hours per day x 20 days x €10)

Conventional rental vs Ibercenter

Ibercenter staff manning the front desk and call centre answering calls with the name of your company and taking messages.
Fully furbished private offices in line with client needs.
Daily cleaning of communal area and private offices.
All property management, maintenance and cleaning expenses included.
All water, electricity and air-conditioning supplies included.
Access control and security.
Conventional rental Ibercenter
Tied into contracts with a minimum duration of no less than two or three years.
In the event that it was necessary to reduce or increase space, either because of lack of foresight or because circumstances have changed, would mean moving offices with the following consequences:
– Costs of establishing a new office.
– Contracting new telephone lines and other communications.
– Changing telephone numbers and other communication changes.
There is full flexibility in leasing these services, and therefore contracts can range from one day to the years required by the lessee. As such, the space can be increased or decreased depending on the user’s circumstances, and therefore, if an extra private office is occasionally needed, or simply an additional workstation (there is a space reserved for co-working), this could be resolved immediately.
There are numerous meeting rooms available to clients in the different centres with various layouts, fully provided with audiovisual media and that range from 23m2 to 100m2. (Their use is charged separately). As such it is not necessary to block book a room, if use is sporadic.


If your company grows and requires more space, we will grow alongside you. The advantage of the Flex Office model is that you decide the size of the spaces and the amount of time you need to use it for: hours, half-days, full-days or permanently. You can have an additional private office or individual workstation with the same ease. You can also return to your initial configuration whenever you like. A centre adapted to your needs.

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