Flexible Offices, the new trend after the Pandemic

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed many important aspects of our lives, such as workspaces , workplaces, and the workspaces. Thus, a hybrid alternative to traditional offices has emerged, known as the flexible offices or Flex Office.

What are flexible offices?

The flexible offices are workspaces that, as their name suggests, offer flexibility in terms of location, size, services, furnishings and time of hire.

Examples of flexible offices can be coworking spaces, offices or offices that can be used by the hour or days of the week, and even virtual offices combined with the occasional use of the facilities.. The objective is to adapt the space to the way you work.

This is one of the best office rental options for companies with semi-presential workers, since you only pay for the use and space you really need.

Flexible Offices are workspaces that are characterized by flexibility in size or contracting time.

Flexible offices seek maximum comfort for workers, making them more productive for their companies. They are tailor-made spaces for the time you need.

For example, if you are starting to work as a freelance

virtual offices

can be an excellent option to have a prestigious address and meet with your customers and / or suppliers without having to pay a physical space on a monthly basis, but only the hours you really need it.


If you are a company that expands its workforce during seasonal periods, you have the option of renting an office for a specific period of time only.

Thus, flexible offices offer you the following advantages over conventional rentals:

Flexibility in hiring

Companies choose the space they need at any given time, office centers adapt to the changing conditions caused by Covid-19.

But not only because of the coronavirus. They are also adapted to the different phases of a company’s growth. For example, you can be a freelancer who starts by renting virtual offices and locating your headquarters in the center of a big city, improving the image of your business while teleworking.

The business grows and you hire staff, so the next step may be to hire a position in coworking spaces. coworking spaces spaces; to end up by renting an office for an undetermined period of time if your business continues to grow and, consequently, your staff.

Flexibility in hiring gives you the opportunity to change when you need to.

2. Flexibility in office size

Flexible Offices allow you to modify the size of your offices if necessary.

Businesses may require more or less space depending on the economic or business situation at the time, something that a traditional lease does not provide.

With flexible offices, you hire the meters you need. The most common example is usually startups.

They can grow rapidly in their first year of life, expanding their staff and, therefore, requiring a larger size for their business.

3. Location flexibility

There are businesses that move to different parts of the country for certain periods of time or that require spaces with certain services in a short period of time.

In this case, they can hire virtual offices, keeping their headquarters in the center of the cities and, when required, rent a space.

An example of this type is the non-regulated training companies. When they bring together a certain number of students from the same location, such as in the case of health examinations, they rent a space for a certain number of hours, days or weeks.

4. Flexibility of services

Not all companies require the same services. Therefore, with flexible offices you decide which services you want to use: reception of visits and calls, secretarial services, parcel forwarding, scanning, etc.

In addition, each space is fully equipped for work and has all the services that any company may need: air conditioning, Internet connection, furniture, office, rest areas, administrative staff, etc. You decide what services your business requires.

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Advantages of a flexible office

The main advantages of flexible offices are:

  1. Easier adaptation for the company.
  2. Saving time and money for the entrepreneur.
  3. Greater comfort, well-being and mobility for the worker.
  4. Increased productivity for the company.
  5. Personalization of workspaces.
  6. Flexibility in hiring and office size.

At Ibercenter we support our clients and seek to facilitate their work through flexibility and diversification of spaces that adapt exactly to the needs of each one of them. Focus on your business, we take care of the rest.



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